Specifications & Features

dotted Mono / Poly Crystalline Solar Cell Modules.

dottedSealed Maintenance Free Battery.

dotted Inbuilt Control Card & solid state Blinker.

dotted Solar Charge Regulator @ 90% charge efficiency.

dotted 12 or 24 hours Operation.

dotted Automatic On/Off Dusk to Dawn Operation.

dotted Working Voltage: 12, 24 Volts D.C.

dotted 2 to 4 days System Autonomy.

dotted 200mm / 300 mm Round Light Source.

dotted Cluster of High Intensity Ultra Bright LEDs.

dotted Red, Green, Amber LED Colors.

dotted Symbols like Pedestrian Cross, Arrows.

dotted Visibility 500 meters, Good even during Hazy Weather.

dotted Automatic Intensity Control during Day & Night time.

dotted Single / Double / Tripple Aspect Models

LED based Solar Blinker Unit

dotted LED’s are operated in a multi-channel series/parallel matrix and are multiplexed pulse operated at high frequency, high intensity and low duty cycle to obtain maximum visible brightness at minimum power consumption.

dotted Duty Cycle 50%

dotted 20 to 90 flashes per minutes as desired

Signal head ASPECT

dottedPolycarbonate Die molded Body conforming to international standard as applicable for 200, 300 mm dia signals respectively. 300mm DIA Signal Aspect for mounting LED kits complete Unit.


dotted Completely shock less system

dotted Short Circuit protected

dotted Battery Overcharge

dotted Automatic Restoration.

dotted Battery Deep Discharge


dotted Interconnecting Road Junctions on National & State Highways.

dotted Industrial, School, Hospital, Market, Office Zones in Cities.