We introduce ourselves as the leading Manufacturer of Solar LED Traffic Signals & Blinkers and have done remarkable work in this field in the country. We have now introduce solar powered traffic signals using led based signal lights , instead of conventional incandescent lamps, As These lights consumes 90% less energy it makes system practically viable to operate Traffic signals maintenance free on eco friendly Solar Power and without electricity connections. These Systems were custom designed and were manufactured and tested to stringent Indian Standards

System Operation

Operation 14 hours operation and 10 hours blinking per day
Auto / Manual Fully automatic operation with facility for manual operation
Power Source Hybrid Power source, integrating Solar and Grid Power, with auto change-over from Solar to Grid and vice-versa
Source preference First preference to Solar
Percentage of Power Sharing 50% Solar and 50% Grid
Back-up In case of failure of both Solar and Grid Power source, System can operate for 10 hrs form a fully charged battery.
Configuration Two sets of Signal-heads per road
One set of Pedestrian signals per road One count-down timer per road

System Controllerh3>

System voltage 24 V DC
Controller PLC / Microcontroller
Networking Compatible for GPS/ GSM! RS 422 interface
Programmability Programmable Timing with on-site modification
Operating hours 14 hours operation and 10 hours blinking per day
Future Upgrades Capability for Synchronization, remote monitoring & control
System Up-time Greater than 98%


LED Array Ultra bright, suitable for daylight viewing
LED design life-cycle 10 Years
Enclosures / Housing NEMA 12, IP – 66 Standards
Pole structure Mild Steel with vapocure finish (Viola Blue)
Visibility 500 meters and above
Signal Head Modular with Tilt and Rotate feature
Count Down Timers Timer for residual time for green signal
Pedestrian / Free left signals Composite Red / Green LED signal
Solar Array Capacity 444 Wp (min)
Solar Charge Controller 24 Volts / 15 Amps
Battery Bank
Type Sealed Maintenance Free, Lead Acid
Capacity 80 Ah
Terminal voltage 24 V DC
Max. depth of discharge 80 %

Grid power

Grid Input 230 V AC / 50 Hz / Single Phase
Grid Changer 24 V / 10 Amps