dotted The Security Power Fence System (SPF) is designed with cyclic wave technology of high voltage deterrent system which would deter, detect, and deny physical intrusion by giving the intruder a shot, sharp and painful but safe shock. The system will check the fence 50 or less time a minute. When the Fence wires are cut or tampered with, a built in alarm will immediately alert the monitoring personnel and the security authorities.

dotted The SPF will be of 6feet high Security Power Fence on the ground.

dotted Warning sign boards made of waterproof material that is meant for outdoor use will be placed all sides. The boards will be painted with fluorescent yellow back ground and black lettering. The size of the board will be 500 mm x 250 mm x 3 mm. The warning messages will be in Telugu, and English.


The electrical specifications of the energizer will be as follows

Description : High voltage energizer
Peak level of voltage : 10000 volts
Max. Impulse duration : ON time 0.05 sec. OFF time – around 1.3 sec No of pulses / min – 45
Max. quantity of Electricity per impulse : 2.5 m.C
Max. discharge/impulse : 4.8 joules
Peak value of current : 10 amps
Period for which the Instantaneous value of the output current exceeds 300 mA : 1.5 m.s
Battery : 12 volts / 72 Ah / Dry Rechargeable Sealed Maintenance free battery, Exide / Amaron make
Charger : 40 Wp Solar photovoltaic Module & standby battery charger 30-40 Watt output 230V AC operated

It is designed to comply with national and international standards- IEC1011-1&2, IS 8437-1&2. The Energiser and the fence will be capable of integration with other security devices like CCTV, Access Control, Movement Detector, Intruder alarms, Pollution Monitoring System, Security lighting system, fire and smoke detection system etc., to form an Integrated security network.


The alarm system will be AUDIO in nature to indicate intrusion in the protected zone. It will be hooter, with a minimum of 60 dB output (adjustable type)


The Security Power Fence will comprise of various components like

Fencing Posts,

HT wire

Insulators and End Strain Insulators,

End and corner strain hooks,

Permanent wire tightening devices

Earthing System,

Tension maintenance devices

Joint clamps

Lightening protection devices

Maintenance Free Battery

Warning sign boards

The specifications of the above will be as follows



All end, corner, section and pull through posts will be supported adequately.


No of strands : 06 strands
Spacing : 100 mm
Material : Made of high carbon and high tensile steel. Heavily galvanized to withstand the atmospheric conditions of the site
Thickness : 2.5 mm dia.,
Wire tension : Will have provision to adjust with tensioners.


The insulators used on intermediate security posts will be made up of high-density polyethylene UV resistant / stabilized. It will have a shield to prevent arcing between wire and post. The insulators will have glossy surface to prevent dirt build-up and facilitate cleaning. The construction and design of the insulator will be such that it will facilitate triggering of an alarm in the event of an intruder attempting to climb. The insulator will have a breakdown voltage of at least 15 kV


These hooks are designed for suitably attaching tensioner and strain insulator to strain posts. These hooks are made of spring steel and hot dip galvanized / Zinc coated to minimum of 30 microns coating thickness. The hooks for the corner posts will have sufficient strength to withstand loads in both the directions. PERMANENT WIRE TIGHTNING SYSTEM Each and every wire of the fence system will be tightened and ensured that there is no sagging of the wires with Tighteners/ strainers


The warning signboard will be used to warn people of the potential hazard and act as an initial deterrent. It will be yellow in color with black lettering. The warning sign will have holes to prevent movement and theft. The dimension of the warning sign will be 500x250x3mm. Warning signboards will be supplied with messages in Telugu, Hindi and English. EARTHING SYSTEM The earthing is an integral part of an effective electric fence system. Separate earth system will be made for the power fence. The earthing for the fence will not be connected to the mains earthing system. The earthing system will be made highly effective particularly in difficult or dry soil conditions of the site.


The earthing is an integral part of an effective electric fence system. Separate earth system will be made for the power fence. The earthing for the fence will not be connected to the mains earthing system. The earthing system will be made highly effective particularly in difficult or dry soil conditions of the site


As the site is highly lightning prone area we provide each zone with a lightning diverter kit along with safe earthing system . Kit contains components needed to block and divert most voltage spikes from lightning strikes.


Wire twister made up of MS with heavily zinc plated for twisting of wire. Permanent wire tightner handle will be made up of mild steel, heavily Zinc plated for use with permanent wire tightening.


The Neon Tester / Lite Tester shall be provided for indicting the approximate voltage readings. It consists of bright voltage lights and easy to read voltage markings. The tester is manufactured from tough and durable plastic. It will have galvanized spring steel earth stake.


The control unit is capable of working from uninterrupted power supply of 50 Hz 220 VAC. It is provided with a battery backup to ensure uninterrupted power supply. The battery will have capacity to supply requisite power for 12 hrs to the connected load. The control electronics will have a built-in UPS back up.


Wiring and under ground cable laying will be done by us if it is required.


The system will be designed to the following climatological & environmental conditions.

Maximum daily rain fall : 240 mm
Maximum hourly rain fall : 26 mm
Maximum rain fall in a year : 2300 mm
Maximum temperature : 45oC
Maximum Temperature : 12oC
Maximum Relative Humidity 100%
Minimum Relative Humidity 15 %
Seismic zone Zone III as per IS 1893
Maximum wind speed 180 km/hour
Gust – 3 seconds 230 km/hour


Sun Technologies have the team of highly qualified Technical experts and the network of local sales and service dealers who offer prompt and professional advice. From initial consultation, system design, installation, commission and service we ensure that each installation meets our customers requirements and expectations with quality and cost effective.

We have installed Solar Power Fence System for Police Stations in various districts of Andhra Pradesh in India. The Solar Power Fence System installed by us for the Police Stations was appreciated by the higher officials.

We have Installed Power fence for various defense organization and Military Bases Through Bharat Electronics Limited and Electronics Corporation of India Limited all over India.

We has installed Solar Power Fence System for Agriculture Farm Lands in various parts of India for the protection of farm lands from the animal menace like wild bore, buffalo, sheep, etc. For last 12 years we had not only protected the agricultural sector from animal menace but with its advanced and sophisticated technology is protecting properties of various Private, Central and State Govt. organizations.

We have installed Solar Power Fence System for various VIP Guest Houses, Industries, Godowns, Residential Bunglows, Group Houses, Resorts and Apartments for the protection from the intruders.

We have installed Solar Power Fence System for Forest in Uttaranchal state for the protection of villagers and their crops from Elephants and wild life. Solar power fence was installed in places like Corbet Tiger Block Ramnagar, Kalagarh, Haridwar and Haldwani for 80 Kilo Meters.