Solar Street Lights

Principle of Operation:

Photovoltaic cells are solid-state semiconductor devices that convert solar energy into electric energy. These Solar cells are connected in series or in parallel to obtain desired output and are called Solar modules. Solar modules when connected in series or in parallel to meet load requirement are called solar array.

Working Methodology:

The energy produced by the solar module is used to charge the Lead Acid Battery. The load is powered using the energy stored in the battery through electronics. The electronic circuitry is consisting of Charge Control Unit and Inverter. The Charge Control Unit is used to control the over charging and deep discharging of the battery, which in turn increases the Life of the battery. The Inverter is used to convert the direct energy into a high frequency supply to activate the load.

Solar Standalone Street lights:

The Streetlight has a sensor inside the Luminaries and checks the sunshine available around the installed area and enables the Streetlight function accordingly. In general the Streetlight switches OFF at around 6.00 am. The system does contain autonomy of 2 days i.e even though there is no sunshine available to charge the battery then the Battery will take care of the load for a maximum period of 2 days.

Effect of Environment and severe Climatic conditions:

Solar Photovoltaic modules produce power in all types of weather. On partly cloudy days they can produce up to 80% of their potential energy delivery; about 50% on hazel humid days and on extremely overcast days they still produce 30% of rated power. Photovoltaic module generates more power at lower temperatures. This is because Photovoltaic is really electronic devices and generates electricity from light, not heat.

The Solar Photovoltaic modules are the longest-lived component of a solar system. The life of Solar Photovoltaic modules is more than 20 years and they are warranted for a period of 10 years. They are designed to with stand all of the rigors of the environment including artic cold, desert heat, tropical humidity, winds in excess of 125 mph (200 kmph} and 1 inch (25mm) hail at terminal velocity. Solar system is warranted for a period of 12 months from the date of supply and the performance warranty for Solar Photovoltaic modules is 10 years from the date of supply.

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