Solar Steam Cooking System

The basic ideas that lead to the development of the Scheffler- Reflectors was to make solar cooking as comfortable as possible. To make cooking simple and comfortable the cooking-place should not have to be moved, even better: it should be inside the house and the concentrating reflector outside in the sun.

Schematic Diagram


Working principle of Solar Steam Cooking System :


This Solar Steam Cooking System works based on Scheffler Solar Concentrators which generates heat up to 650 degrees centigrade due to concentration of the sunlight focused on to the receiver.

Heat exchangers which are called receivers are placed in the focus of each pair of Scheffler Concentrators (dishes), the sleeping dish and standing dish.

The Solar rays falling onto the dish are reflected and concentrated on the receivers placed in its focus. Due to concentration the temperature achieved is very high that is between 450-650 degree centigrade and thus the water in the receivers comes to boiling and steam is generated.

Above the receiver is an insulated header pipe filled half with water. The cold water enters the receiver through inner pipe, gets heated due to the high temperature of the concentrated rays and the heated water goes up.  The cold water again enters through inner pipe and the cycle continues till steam is generated. The steam gets stored in the upper half empty portion of the header pipe and pressure keeps on rising. The steam is then sent to kitchen through insulated pipe line.