Security Systems

Sun Technologies is renowned for promoting security systems that are designed to utilize solar power. Our security systems are exceptionally known for precision design and functionality that protects various industries including other sectors. We have initiated a solar power security fencing protection of thermal systems, residencial and industrial units.

Different Types Of Security Systems Used For Protection :

  • Alarm Systems
  • Fence Posts
  • Insulators
  • Strain Insulator Hooks
  • Warning Sign Boards
  • Earthing System
  • Lighting Protection System
  • Fencing Tool Set







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I. Bio Metric Based Access Control System:

The doors of a research laboratory, strategic office or offices of the senior bureaucrats and CEOs need to be kept closed at all times. Persons authorized to enter into such offices should be allowed to enter after proving their identity. Identity of a person can be verified by way of conventional identity card, smart card and fingerprints, IRIS and Palm or by combining smart card and fingerprints, IRIS and Palm. Normally in high security areas, the doors are protected with Contact less Smart Card based Biometric Reader. Card Holders’ finger print template, photo and other biographical details will be stored in the Smart Card. The Card Holder will be Granted Access after the Smart Card is presented on the reader and the live scan of the finger is compared with the stored template.

The system will capture all the transactions generated and will give the Audit Reports of Historic Events. The system will have the distributed intelligence and will be modular – for easy addition of additional readers / doors.

The system supports the communication on WAN / LAN on TCP/IP protocol.

The system maintains the database of all the enrolled Card Holders.

Other System Components- Human Access:


a) Manual & Fixed Bollards

Our manual and fixed product family consists of our manually operated retractable security posts, our lift out perimeter hoops, our specialist pedestrian posts & retract cast bollards and the fixed or static equivalent of each of those products.

Each of our bollards and hoops are available in various finishes. We have separated them into different ranges to hopefully highlight which product is right for your project dependent on budget or aesthetics.

b) Automatic Rising Bollards

Automatic rising bollards are fast becoming an everyday site for millions of people around the world, the robust construction and reliable operation makes them the most effective way of managing traffic and protecting pedestrians.


road blocker

Road Blocker is a hydraulic operated device, which offers maximum security for highly sensitive entry points against unauthorized vehicles of all sizes and weights. It is mounted underneath the road and will be raised within few seconds to stop the unauthorized vehicles. It is fully operational even after collision with vehicle.


Tyre killer is a hydraulic operated device with solid spikes, which offers maximum security for highly sensitive entry points against unauthorized vehicles of all sizes and weights. It is also mounted underneath the road and will be raised within few seconds to stop the unauthorized vehicles



Turnstile Full and Half is a User-friendly Access Control system, which is suitable for, indoor as well as shaded outdoor at entrance checkpoints. It is ideal for integration with any electronic access control system



Automatic Boom Barriers are ideal for securing and controlling entrances and exits to ordnance factories, Research Laboratories, car parking sites, condominiums, toll collection centers, industrial entrances and commercial premises, etc. In fact, any facility that is controlling or restricting access of vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic is either a barrier and turnstile or combination of both

The high quality mechanical and manual raising Automatic barriers are suited to a wide range of security and access control applications. All Automatic Barriers are galvanized and painted for maximum protection against corrosion Installation is simply and quickly carried out by means of surface mounted ground plates.The automatic barrier is easily replaced in the event of damage.

The combination of proven and reliable electric motor with a lever system represents a simple and extremely reliable drive solution. It permits short opening and closing times without the barrier boom bouncing in the end positions. In the event of a power failure, it can still be moved easily by hand. A built in spring mechanism provides balance for the barrier boom.

Barriers for Industrial entrances are available with following features:-

These are highly compact in size and have extremely silent operation. Integration is possible with wide range of accessories and all kinds of access control systems. Solar powered backup batteries can be provided for uninterrupted operation.


Access Control System


Typical CCTV Systems Integrated with Access Control System

A surveillance system using CCTV is installed at each of the locations having controlled gates for keeping a watch over movement of personnel. The surveillance system consists of the items as mentioned here under but some of the items may be deleted or added as per user requirements. A complete customized solution of CCTV Surveillance System can be engineered according to the site requirements.

  • CCD Dome Camera


  • Lenses
  • Color Monitors of different sizes
  • Channel Multiplexer.
  • Real time recorder.
  • PTZ controller.
  • P.C. based D. V. R.
  • Stand alone D.V.R


Cameras are used to capture images of object and transfer the same for monitoring and storing purpose.

Cameras are of Two types:

i. Fixed cameras: They can be used in the indoor as well as outdoor Applications. They usually have fixed view field.


It records video data digitally at central location Internal & External Hard Disk can be connected to increase storage capacity


It is a special type of DVR, which can directly connected to the network environment such as LAN, WAN etc. for web monitoring.


It can be set up to encode analog video to MPEG-4 digital video or decode digital streaming video to analog signal


Matrix used to control multiple cameras by single controller a video switcher enables different cameras to be switched to different call-up monitors


  • Coaxial Cable
  • UTP cable
  • Optical Fiber Cable
  • Public Telephone Lines
  • Microwave / Radio Frequency for wireless video transmission

III. Scanner for Weapons

Metal Detectors are of two types i.e. Hand Held Metal Detector and Door Frame Metal Detector.



  • It is an archway metal detector used for detection of metal objects hidden under the clothes of the person passing through the control gate.
  • It is intended to be part of a security system in places of mass gathering like airports, railway stations, stadiums, or at the entrance of sensible sites like embassies, banks, etc.
  • Using state of the art electronics, Door frame metal detector is particularly resistant to the electromagnetic interference’s and deceiving attempts.

Hand Held Metal detectors are widely used all over the world. The unit has large area of detection, which improves personnel processing.

B) Hand Held Metal Detectors



Are available with 9 Volt dry batteries or a rechargeable Ni-Cd battery, Holster and an output for audible alarm. Metal Detector is a device designed to detect metal masses carried by people or objects. It can be used for detecting weapons, detonators or other small pieces of metal on people or in parcels, baggage, correspondence, fabric and so on. The special shape of sensitive surface makes its operation easy. They are used for Magnetic as well as non-magnetic security metal detection. They have Acoustical and visual alarm indication proportional to the mass detected.The above-mentioned devices are adequate enough to fulfill the normal security requirements of an organization.

These devices are also very useful for offices, manufacturing units and defense establishments.


explosive detector

The MO-8 – TVIN is a portable explosive detector designed for inspection of persons, baggage, vehicles, trains, aircraft and large areas as offices and apartments, etc., by sampling and analyzing of ambient air and residual particulates from suspect surface. The MO-8 – TVIN is capable of detecting military and industrial explosives such as TNT, NG, PETN, RDX, C4 and their mixtures.


junction detector

The portable non-linear junction detector “RFD 23″ is designed for detection and search of electronic devices containing semiconductor components, in powered and unpowered modes.

Non-Linear Junction Detector “RFD-23″ consists of an antenna system, a transmitter and two receivers (2-nd and 3-rd harmonics). Receivers are tuned to the double and triple frequency of the transmitter signal.

The transmitter searching signal causes non-linear (semi-conductor) elements of the electronic device to generate signals which are the 2nd and 3rd harmonics of the transmitted signal, registered by receivers to generate audio & visual alarms. Circular, polarized antenna removes risk of missing a threat due to incorrect antenna polarization. Normal detector operation is checked by means of a simulator (a semi conductor diode with a protecting cover), the reliable detection range is not less than 0.7 – 0.8m in the maximum power and maximum sensitivity mode.



Portable X-ray Inspection System is designed for a wide range of application: for customs, law enforcement, police, and airport and for other user for

  • Mail and small articles inspection, handgun, bomb and explosive detection in Luggage or suspicious packaging;
  • Searching of concealed eavesdrop devices in furniture, office equipment, etc;
  • Non-destructive testing and evaluation the X-ray System is easy-to use, reliable and completely safe in operation. It provides high detection Capability with no harmful effect on working personnel and outsiders.






vehicle detection

  • Mail and small articles inspection, handgun, bomb and explosive detection in Luggage or suspicious packaging;
  • Searching of concealed eavesdrop devices in furniture, office equipment, etc;
  • Non-destructive testing and evaluation the X-ray System is easy-to use, reliable and completely safe in operation. It provides high detection Capability with no harmful effect on working personnel and outsiders.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System has been designed to provide security personnel with a fast and effective method of viewing the underside of vehicles, by providing the operator with a clear image within seconds of the vehicle passing over the scanner. The system also includes a scene camera, which can be used for viewing and displaying the vehicle license plate alongside the underside image. An automatic license plate reader (ANPR) can also be incorporated

foreign detector

  • Capability to view composite image of under side of vehicle
  • Provision of storing & retrieving of composite image.
  • Advanced Giga bit CMOS camera for better image resolution.
  • 19”LCD colour monitor, touch screen display.
  • System offers extremely rugged and durable.Platform that can bear weight of a small car to large trucks


G-II) Automatic Foreign Object Detection:



The world’s most innovative Bomb Disposal Suit,  Setting new standards in personal protection for modern day EOD tecnicians, the EOD HELMET is the world’s first Threat Level IIIA ballistic helmet available to military and law enforcement agencies.  EOD HELMET is the only EOD NIJ Standard-0101.06 helmet in the world that provides complete and absolute 360 degree protection at the stated Threat levels.

The innovative helmet incorporates the world’s highest ballistic integrity…Threat Level IIIA (9mm 124 gr, FMJ at 1400 FPS as well as 44 Magnum 240 gr,SWC at 1400 FPS). The helmet shell is made of a lightweight ballistic fiber which has been tested and defeated fragments at 2,442 FPS, 683 M/S. The helmet incorporates high quality communication electronics and a more efficient forced air ventilation system.

The EOD BOMB DISPOSAL SUIT also employs the most advanced technology in design and state-of-the-art fragmentation-defeating materials available in the world today. Through extensive research and development spanning more than a decade in actual field tests, and the leading Bomb Disposal Suit ensemble capable of defeating record setting specifications against the number one threat faced by modern day EOD technicians… fragmentation.

The use of state of the art materials underlines goal to increase the bomb technician’s survivalrate by improving the fragment protection characteristics of the suit without increasing overall weight. It has been proven that the greatest threat faced in a blast situation is the threat of fragments of different sizes and shapes tearing into the human body at supersonic velocities.




Bomb Suppression Blanket is a unique product that provides emergency protection against blasts and fragments in event of an explosive device detonating before it can be neutralised. It is effective against most pipe bombs, hand grenades and fragments caused by pressure or electrical explosions.

The Bomb Blanket can also be used as a temporary portable barrier for VIP’s, on windows or in place of several shields to protect the police in barricade situations. Other uses include protection of petrol explosives or grenades stored near probable explosion hit areas. Made from a combination of anti-ballistic materials and encased in a water repellent black polyamide cover, the bomb blankets can be customised to meet specific threat requirements. These bomb blankets are light enough to be carried by one person.





With the Total Containment Vessel mounted on a trailer, you get a mobile system with high explosion containment capacity. The vessel will totally contain and protect against chemical and biological agents as well as the effects from explosions, such as shock wave and light fragments.

Once a suspected toxic or explosive device is detected, it is loaded into the total containment vessel, thus securing the surrounding area. Now you can safely remove the object to a place where it can be investigated and evidence can be secured by EOD specialists in a manner that does not constitute a threat to public security.

Load large objects easily thanks to the wide opening and the possibility to rotate the cover with the loading tray up to 270°.  Opening and closing of the vessel is remotely operated via a 50 m long cable.

Contained gases can be kept inside until they are released through a valve system. Total Containment Vessel can offer equipment to take air samples out of the closed and gas-tight vessel, in order to determine if toxic gases are enclosed inside, as well as equipment to clean contained gases and decontaminate the chamber.

The trailer is a double axle purpose-built trailer that can be towed by a SUV, station wagon or similar vehicle.





Mini Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is impressive small diameter, low drag umbilical. At 8mm (0.3″) in diameter the operator controls the ROV, not the tether. The durable all copper tether comes in a variety of lengths.

This is a highly stable small ROV platform equipped with powerful Brushless DC thrusters. 4-axis control provides the operator with total maneuverability.

Ideally suited to inshore or civil applications where a rapid setup is required. The integrated control console, tether and Remotely Operated Vehicle take only minutes to have ready for operation.

The operator control unit (OCU) is widely regarded as the most intuitive. All controls at the operators finger tips in an ergonomic and rugged controller.

The systems are supplied with the latest Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) color camera technology. Coupled to the color camera is a high intensity LED array providing bright white light throughout the 270º range of view.

Unique to the LBV vehicles is the balanced nature of the ROV in water. Careful attention to design and layout provide a small yet stable platform for high quality sensor data acquisition.





UVSS rapidly scans a vehicle’s undercarriage and the vehicle’s make and model, any foreign objects or modifications, these changes, and  personnel of any threats – all in a matter of seconds.

The UVSS is the embedded solution for the fully automatic identification of threats or modifications to a vehicle’s undercarriage. Vehicles drive over the environmentally sealed, dual view scanners while UVS systems scan and compile two high-resolution, virtual 3-D digital images of a vehicle’s undercarriage to create the vehicle’s “fingerprint.” Two views make it easier to see any threatening objects that may be hidden on top of an axel or crossbeam. An overview/driver camera captures the normal view of car/driver and displays this on the high-resolution touch screen.

After the vehicle has cleared the scanning device, it only takes 2-3 seconds for UVSS Automatic Foreign Object Detection software to automatically compare the subject vehicle’s undercarriage to a safe vehicle (stored in the database) and display both on the screen. The system then immediately identifies any threatening foreign objects or modifications to the undercarriage by circling them with a red ring and activating an audio visual alarm.

The operator screen displays the overview/driver image in color. The undercarriage views are displayed in monochrome allowing for more pixel detail and thus better resolution than color images. Since UVSS automatic systems rely on computers to analyze the images and not the human eye, monochrome is superior to color.