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Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors Hand Held & Door Frame

Technology Features (Door Frame Metal Detector)

Small metal like a paper clip can be detected; suitable for high level security inspection
With multi-zone high-brightness LED lights and indicate accurate location with sound alarm
Combine digital and simulated technology, super high anti-interference ability, reduce the error alarm
Strong ability for self-diagnosis; running status monitoring; error alarm with sound and light

specifications (Hand Held Metal Detector)

Sensitivity: A 25cent coin (USD): 60mm
Iron pipe-tube in diameter 20mm: 100mm
Temperature environment: -10oC ~ +50oC
Relative Humidity: 0% ~ 75% @ -10oC ~ 40oC 0% ~ 45% @ 40oC ~ 50oC
Operating current: <6mA
Weight: 400g
Dimension: 420 x 80 x 40mm
Power: 9V IEC 6F22 NEDA 1604 (Low battery alert)
Operating Frequency: 13k Hz
Tuning: Automatic
Alert: Audio LED Light