Sun Technologies India Pvt Ltd


Bollards Commercial & Crash Rated Bollards

Sun Technologies India Pvt Ltd provides complete range of automatic retractable bollards: whatever the need, ranging from residential security installation to the highest level of antiterrorism securities, we have it all. Our products and accessories always provide for the possibility to find the ideal solution to satisfy any needs regarding management, safety, and design.

Hydraulic Series

Automatic hydraulic bollard with built in hydraulic pump available in 600 and 800 mm height and 275 mm dia. Hydraulic movement: The most reliable technology for most intense use at all temperatures and weather conditions.
Wide range of optional configurations: custom colors, flashing lights integrated into the head, intermittent sound signal, 220V solenoid valve (in case of power failure, the Bollard is lowered, releasing the gate), heat resistance installations in locations with harsh winter temperatures, UPS unit for operation in the temporary occurrence of power failure.